CCPA Assistance

CCPA Assistance

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Our team of experts can help your organization determine your applicability under the new CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) law. We can help you identify your data repositories, list all your data fields, determine how the data is stored, processed, and secured, and produce a full data mapping. We can also assist with changes to your website and Privacy Policy.

Our security experts can assess if you have applied "reasonable security precautions" to protect the data once it is discovered and documented in earlier phases.

CCPA is effective January 1st, 2020, so contact us now before it's too late!


This service typically requires an agreed upon scope of work. While single hour pricing for consulting services of this nature are provided here, we recommend that you contact or call 331.725.7472. Our experts will assist you in scoping the appropriate number of consultative hours to achieve your goals. If you’ve already talked to one of our experts and are seeking to pay for your project with a purchasing credit card, please modify the quantity to the number of hours quoted and proceed with your purchase. Include all of your current contact information so that we can start on your project as soon as you are ready to go. Thank you and we look forward to helping your organization with these efforts.