Meet the Team

 Rose (Program Director and Content Creator)

Rose appreciates and embraces learning. She has over 20 years of experience working in a healthcare setting.  Her dedication and caring personality were evident throughout and Rose achieved her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. Rose later completed her Master’s in Nursing with a focus on Policies, Informatics and Nursing Education. 

While working as a clinical pharmacy manager and a nurse, significant knowledge gaps and inaccuracies in the training and implementation of policies including privacy, security, social media, and sanctions was noted. She consistently encountered healthcare personnel across the spectrum who were supposed to be knowledgeable regarding Protected Health Information (PHI) and found that they were not provided adequate HIPAA Data Privacy and Security Awareness and training. In addition, most organizations were missing workforce development and soft skills training for their staff. This provided the impetus to create an improved model for delivering accurate information, based upon the regulation as well as knowledge and experience derived from the latest headlines and incidents. Through experience and numerous surveys, she discovered that there was an opportunity to greatly enhance both training and retention by adding global thinker learning exercises, thereby improving learner’s engagement and motivation.


Web Designer and Social Media Guru

Gavin enjoys chatting with our customers to assess their needs and provide support such as troubleshooting or product information. 

During his off hours you might find Gavin streaming, uploading videos to Twitch, and YouTube.

Content  Creator and Editor
As a content creator for PSI, Cullen focused on the cybersecurity curriculum. He's diligently edited content for corporate and individual clients alike.                   
In his off time, Cullen enjoys vocal performances and culinary creations.